sometimes ya feel orange
john halcyon styn
born: 5.28.71 (3:20 pm, san diego, ca)
color: blue
sounds: electronica
faith: self-defined
clothing: textured
style: flamboyant
cologne: Joop
piercings: ears and nipple (8 gauge)
body hair: rigidly groomed
greeting: hug

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No Cover (print)

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nightcharm (adult)

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stuff about me

I enjoy getting my picture taken.

Or being videotaped.

I have a healthy collection of porn and a healthy respect for the porn industy. Amen.

I will masturbate feverishly to any nude photos sent.

Any suggestions of info I should put here?


Derek Powazek
james P.
The Jamiroquai site
Hunter S. Thompson
Woody Allen
National Lampoon
Mad Magazine
William S. Burroughs
Robert Nesta Marley.

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