Video Fun

Videos are Windows Media Files (.asf) unless otherwise stated

MTV: Sex2K featuring Halcyon

British Channel 4 : Future Sex featuring Halcyon

Pretentious "Intro to Halcyon" video


Explanation of Hug Nation

Lunch with Grandpa Caleb (no editing)


Star Wars Figures Fun (with Kaya)

Interview with Porn Star Chloe (*RealMedia)




I also lived 2 years in a webcam home. What does that mean? 24 full-motion streaming video cameras (WITH SOUND) cover the house. Yes, that includes the showers.

These clips were from theRealHouse. (windows media player only)

Halcyon interviews Ben, the bunny. Barbarella heckles.

While doing Radio Show - explains first orgasm on cam

While doing Radio Show - crank calls porn catalog

Why I love gardneing (and skinnydipping)

The first Virtual Thanksgiving Grace

Random Clips

Happy Thanksgiving run (mpeg)

Me on the TV show "STUDS" (avi) community videos:

"The Legend of Moo" (RealMedia)

The evolution of the community (RealMedia)