The Vibe Tribe @ Club Ibiza

I strolled into a club last night with my friends, the Vibe Tribe. Extremely beautiful, stylish, creative women…WHO TWIRL FIRE. Dancing with them was amazing. Our half Lambada- half Brazilian marshal art movements cleared us a portion of the dancefloor. I told them, “I have loads of porn at home…but it’s nowhere near as erotic as your dancing."

I was walking through the club's parking lot carrying two huge "FUEL" cans for the girls' fire twirling performance.
A security guy comes up and with a look of panic and fear says, "wh...wh...what are you doing?!"

His face looked like a guy who was being paid to check IDs at the door...and suddenly was thrown into a "Die Hard 4 - Terrorists Hit the Club" movie script.

When I explained it was for the show, he sighed an audible "whew!" of relief.

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