NOTE: "online" icon is missing throughout. And icons for each area (journal=book, gallery=camera, etc.) will have to be worked in to each page.

Member logs in.

(LOGOUT is same as Main page with "You are now logged out" instead of the "5 clicks to a kick ass web presence" diagram)

views his profile.
notice "pop | go" at the top. This should be an option throught (to pop the video or go to his spot. Maybe made clearer with rollovers)

This Top "Profile Pages" navigation consists of icons w/ rollovers. The text displays whatever icon is being rolled over.
also needs [edit my profile] button to appear when looking at your own profile.

Citizen pulls up their own Journal (post mode).

views a past Journal Entry.
(Would look the same if someone else pulled up their journal. Except EDIT button is only there if it is *your* journal)

Citizen hits edit button to pull up that entry in Journal Edit Mode.

Citizen clicks on a response link at the bottom and is taken to the Guestbook (or gets there from links at top).
(note: delete button only viewable by owner of the guestbook. Random posts AND replies to Journal articles show up there. As do comments about photo galleries (If we add that ability)
If someone isn't logged in, instead of a text box, it would say "You must be logged in to post to Citizen Guestbooks." But text entries below that would be readable.
Still uncertain how banned list will be managed.

Citizen visits the Galleries Directory.

Then a specific Gallery.
pulldown displays current gallery's title. But it can take you to other galleries OR gallery home.
if it is YOUR gallery, you would also have an "edit this gallery" option. We need to figure out what functionality we'll have in this gallery before we cna make the edit page. Minimally, you can delete pics and change captions.

Then a specific picture.
specific image opens in new browser window (to allow for large sizes). Buttons and header design needs work (citizenX branding).

notes: all these Profile Frames needs to allow horizontal scrolling so that it doesn't become unusuable if someone posts a large photo.