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vanity galore:

Digital Hugh Hefner
Webcam pics
Fuzzy Clothes

Fire fingers
May 2001 (Earth Day)
SXSW 2001
MissM & Hal Lovers Pics
RealHouse pics
Trippy Longstocking Hair Prep

Playing Santa
Halcyon in Orange

Dancing with the Vibe Tribe

Earthday 99

Spring Cocky Card (flash)
beefdance 2000
beefcake 99 (flash)
quick-cam '99
BM Costume

series three -nov 98
series two -june 98

first pic series - '97

musical slideshows (RealPlayer):
Full moon drum circle
Burning Man 99
Fashion Super Power
Bright Colors
photo essays:

Joshua Tree '99
Maui '99
burning man '98
burning man '99

burning man '00

Zing Albums:
desert jaunt

more photos *by* me
(not of me)
are in the "art" section


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